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Who is Paris D?


Paris D was inspired after the 2012 passing of my niece Paris Denise. Beautiful and smart my dearest Princess Paris received her Angel Wings at the young age of 4. Feeling compelled to inspire others and spread her love for all things “pretty in pink”, I decided to allow her life to live on through this brand.

Paris D represents all things beauty, inside and out. Beautiful my niece was, and beautiful she will remain, as her memory will live on through each and every one of you!  We will always cherish the time we spent with her, but knowing that she will continue to live on through Paris D, may she never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my Angel, Play in Paradise.


With Love,

Your Aunt


Paris D Extensions:

My Journey into the Virgin Hair Industry

Here’s My Story…

My experiences with hair extensions dates back to the year 2004. I have been amazed with how much the hair industry has evolved, offering us consumers with a variety of colors, lengths, and textures to choose from. Throughout the years I have always found exactly what I needed to create a custom style to fit my personality.

            After experimenting with different types of extensions, I finally fell in love with a signature go-to style, that I could call my own. The style that is most fitting for me is long and blonde. When purchasing my blonde extensions, I was most concerned with if the extensions could tolerate heat. As long as my extensions could be flat-ironed I was happy. Being a frequent customer at my local beauty supply store I often wondered what did the hair behind the counter have to offer, that the other hair that was placed throughout the store did not? I mean they all stated, “Human Hair” on the packaging. So what was the difference? I soon found out.

After speaking with a representative at my local beauty supply store, I was informed that the hair behind the counter, not only could tolerate heat, but it could be washed, styled, and even colored like you would your own hair. Excited about the news, I quickly made my first purchase. The hair was soft, manageable, and I was able to do all of what the representative said I could do, however this hair only lasted me about two months. I found myself splurging over $300, every two months on extensions. Over $1200 per year, talk about an investment.

As time went on, I started hearing about Virgin Hair, so I decided to do some online research. To my surprise, I found out that Virgin Hair permits washing, styling, coloring, and the best part it could last up to six months! Finally, I thought to myself, this is it I’ve found the answer to my prayers! I made an informed decision and made my first purchase online of Virgin Hair, totaling at $600. I promptly had my extensions installed, and loved them!

About a month after install, I knew it was time to wash my extensions. I washed my extensions, and towel dried them, immediately I knew something was not right, the whole left side of my hair was a tangled, matted mess! Horrified, and devastated I had to remove the extensions after only having them installed for a month.

Feeling frustrated, hurt, and upset that my over $600 investment went down the drain, I decided to take action. I love extensions, and I wasn’t about to give up that easily. I knew that with diligence and patience I could find true Virgin Hair Extensions. And I did. Paris D Extensions.

After finding the source of true Virgin Hair, I made the decision to start up my own company. I never want anyone to go through the same experience that I did, that is why I am bringing Paris D Extensions directly to you. I wear my own extensions. Paris D Extensions exemplifies quality and longevity, an investment that you will truly appreciate. I have established this company with honesty and integrity, I value my customers, and I want them to feel satisfied with every purchase.



Paris D, A Brand "Where Beauty and Looks are created."


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